Welcome to Curbs! This is your best ticket to music happenings, news, and gossip in the UK. Curbs loves music in all its forms and makes sure that you know what is happening. Music is food for the soul and it can heal almost anything. That is why Curbs is here to make sure you have all the information you need.

Curbs is run by 5 music enthusiasts that all have extremely comprehensive knowledge of music, bands, instruments, etc. They all are or have been part of bands in the UK and still perform themselves. In between gigs, they make sure that the rest of the UK stays informed about music events near them. They fully support up and coming acts and make sure that people know about them.

The Curbs team encourages you to explore this blog and learn a few great things about music. You will get to know the up and coming bands that will be the Oasis and Lady Gaga of the future. These guys need to be heard and supported and they invite you to attend the events on our EVENTS page. Support the UK music scene!

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