Festival Tips and Tricks for The Party Animal in You

Festival Tips and Tricks for The Party Animal in You

Have plans on joining a festival this year? Preparation is key! In this article, we are going to list down the simplest festival hacks to make your festival summer experience worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

  1. Bring a Battery Pack
  2. There’s nothing worse than partying to your heart’s content, recording every fun moment, and then suddenly, your phone said goodbye in the middle of the event. To prevent this, bring an extra battery pack with you. If you don’t have one, then you can purchase at the nearest malls near you. Don’t worry, they aren’t costly, and there’s nothing wrong with spending a few bucks on saving your phone from returning to its deathbed.

  3. Bring an Extra Phone
  4. If buying/bringing a battery pack isn’t your thing, then you can bring an extra phone if you had one. The sacrifice? The difference in quality. You may have an iPhone X, but once it goes dead, you will be relying on your ancient Nokia smartphone that’s dated back in 2010. Better yet, just bring an extra battery pack and save yourself from trouble.

  5. Eat a Solid Meal a Day
  6. Since you will be raving until you drop, it’s crucial that you fill your body the fuel it needs. And this is by eating solid meals a day. Munch on fries, chomp on burgers, devour some cereal bars to get that much-needed nutrient for your body. Now you can jump and dance and morning the night.

  7. A Bigger Tent is a Must
  8. It’s always ideal to bring a large tent with you even if you’re going solo. You will never expect you will meet new people at the festival and have a little chitchat inside your tent once the party is over.

  9. Be a Wise Camper
  10. A wise camper goes to the sight as early as they could. And also, it’s advisable to place your tent above ground level, be it uphill or something, to avoid being flooded in case the weather starts to act up again.

  11. Your Place IS Your Place
  12. When it comes to placing your tent, make sure that you know where you left it in case you will be sightseeing for a while. Find a landmark that marks your territory, maybe place it near the food stalls or near the bathroom (not too near of course or it will get smelly). You can also place some little details into it to mark it as your own such as placing a small flag on top of it.

  13. Don’t Bring Pillows
  14. Pillows will only add to the weight of your bag and will surely take up space. Instead of pillows, bring a pillowcase instead and use your clothes to stuff it. Be practical! You’re there for the festival; it’s not like you’re inside a hotel or something.

  15. Bring Extra Clothes
  16. This is essential if you’re going to a water festival, where being wet is a thing. It’s always ideal for bringing extra clothes with you to avoid looking like a damp chicken at the end of the day.

  17. The Less Toiletries, the Better
  18. Toiletries may be small, but they take up space inside your bag. So only bring a few with you. Or as an alternative, don’t bring any in the first place and just buy one if there’s a nearby convenience store at the site.

  19. Bring a Mallet
  20. Placing your tent can be frustrating, especially when it’s time to put it into place. So bring a mallet with you to shove up those tent holders right beneath the ground (useful it it’s a stony ground). Trust me; your hands won’t do any good, only a mallet will do.

  21. Sealable Bags = Lifesaver
  22. They can be used on almost anything. You can put your phone inside, your valuables, your food, you name it!

  23. Water + Bananas = Perfect Combination
  24. It’s always crucial to stay hydrated at the course of the entire event. Of course, you will be chugging on alcohol and hangover like there’s no tomorrow, but your health should still be your top priority. Bring a bottle of water with you and a pair of bananas for some extra twist.

  25. Layered Clothing is a Must
  26. You will never know when the weather can turn extremely cold. So bring extra clothing with you that you can use as layers.

  27. Pocket Management
  28. Always keep your essentials in the same pocket. This is important once you get drunk so that you will never forget where you put your car keys and wallet.

  29. Wet Wipes is the Real Deal
  30. Gone are the days where dry tissue papers are a thing. Wet wipes are the next big thing for your bathroom trips, so don’t forget to bring one.

  31. Arrive Early
  32. Festivals will be bombarded with people, so it’s better to arrive early at the site as possible to find space where you can camp. You don’t want to sleep beside a tree, right?
  33. Clean Hands is a Must
  34. If you’re a person that wears contact lenses more often to correct your vision, then it’s always ideal to wash your hands every time you put or remove them. Festivals can get wet, dirty, and wild. So do yourself a favor and sanitize those hands or go blind.

  35. Create Your Own Lantern
  36. Yes, it is possible to create one using a bottle of water and your smartphone or headlamp. Simply fill a bottle with water and use your smartphone’s flashlight and let it glow during the night as Coldplay play’s your favorite song live.

  37. Be Mindful of the People Around You
  38. Don’t push around just to get near the stage. Just stay in place to save yourself from trouble. Better yet, be early whenever the next gig plays to get yourself a spot near the performers.

  39. Be Responsible

Last but not least, don’t leave your trash around the area. If others do, then be a good example. Be responsible with your actions no matter how harsh the people around you

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