Fraternities and Sororities: Is Joining One Right for You?

Fraternities and Sororities: Is Joining One Right for You?

It’s that time of the year again where freshman college students are filling our college halls once again. The feeling of being in a new environment can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re alone in this new world and making friends is a complicated thing to do (well, it’s actually simple if you have the guts to do so).

That’s why Greek Life existed. In case you don’t know, Greek Life is a term used for fraternities and sororities that filled our colleges. Many believed that Greek Life could make your college life better, or is it?

You may be thinking, “why on earth would I join Greek Life?” Isn’t that a thing where the popular people at school will host parties and waste their parent’s money just to be famous? Well, in movies, yes it is. But it’s vastly different in reality because there are some frats out there that are good for you. Greek Life lets you meet new people, gain friends, and have a helping hand in times of need.

So, is Greek Life really for you? Going to the rush process will help you get to know who you are. So what is this “rush” thing we’re talking about? In Greek Life, choosing members involves a process called rush; be it for a fraternity or a sorority. Each system has its own criteria whatever’s written in their book. Below, we are going to break down both fraternity and sorority.


  • A sorority is a women version of a fraternity. It involves a quick and compact rushing process that can last for up to three to five days if that’s their cup of tea. New members will have the chance to visit every house at their university and are given a fair and equal opportunity to show off and impress themselves on each house they go. House-hopping is part of the process, or else, get lost. So put on your best shoes and prove that you are worthy.


  • However, men fraternities are more relaxed when it comes to the rushing process (of course, girls are more complicated when it comes to such things). When it comes to fraternities, each of them will have their own booths where newcomers can visit to get a feel of what it’s like in joining such fraternity. A few weeks in time, new members must attend the events put on by their chosen fraternity, although it’s not required to join all of them (see? more relaxed). Fraternities also have house-hopping, but new members can choose which house should they visit compared to sororities.

Keep in mind that there are different fraternities, not just social frats that Hollywood movies portray. We have business fraternities, pre-law fraternities, and even film fraternities as well. After receiving a bid of your chosen Greek Life, this is where the pressure starts to lurk in. This is where the good, the bad, and the dirty will show their true colors.

The Advantages of Joining Greek Life

There are some benefits on joining one though. The first one is being involved in a brotherhood or sisterhood that can be your outlet throughout your college life both good and bad times. You were once a fish that was lost in a sea of strangers, but now that you joined Greek Life, you feel like you are part of a family that has the same interest as yours. It will make you feel more comfortable, confident, and most of all, accepted.

Another advantage is you will gain exclusive access to your school events or events that involve other frats and sororities as well. While there are major college events such as talent shows and quiz bowl’s, there are also smaller events where you can bond with your fellow brother and sisters in the Greek Life world as well.

Being a Leader of the Pack

An underrated benefit of joining a sorority or frat is to hold a leadership position. That’s why some people will race towards the top to be chosen as the rightful leader of the group. There are plenty of benefits when you become a leader of the pack. First, faculties will trust you. Second, your leadership experience can be used as a worthy addition to your resume when you find a job in the future. But if you want to stay low-key and just enjoy the fun of being in a group together, then it’s alright.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

You should also know that being involved inside a Greek Life is not a walk in the park. You will experience hardships too, and this where people inside the group you are in will show their true colors. It’s up to you and the pack on how to encounter such problems. Next, it is time-consuming. First-year students will be overwhelmed at first because they haven’t perfected time management just yet. But once they reach the later years, the peer pressure of both acads and Greek Life will start to sink in.

Dramas and group wars are also inevitable too. These things are common in Greek Life, and sometimes, the entire campus will be involved as well. Secrets will be revealed, tea will be spilled, friendships will be broken. The conflict between frats and sororities can lead to the university administration to step in and find out what the fuss is all about, which will put a bad image to all the students involved.


Joining Greek Life is up to your choice. If you’re prepared to face the challenges of college, then you should be ready for it. Of course, joining one also has its cons, so better find a group that you’re comfortable with and brings out the best in you. After all, the hardships you will experience in joining such is part of the journey. If life is full of positives only, then where’s the fun part at?  Enjoy college and have a happy Greek Life hunt!

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