Gap Year Dilemma: Life After College

Gap Year Dilemma: Life After College

Life after college is an exciting yet daunting time of your life. In this phase, you will be wondering what you should do next? Should you apply for work already? or take your master’s degree? or just unwind for a while by traveling around the world?

Some students want to break free from all the stress by taking a gap year. A gap year is a timeline where you have to give yourself some rest for a year after graduating. In this period, you will be given time to explore what you really want to do before settling into your post-college job.

If you don’t want to take your master’s degree just yet and want to travel the world instead, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are three tips that can guide you to your solo travel adventures during the gap year. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Budget is Key
  2. When it comes to traveling, keeping your finances is check lets you spend your money efficiently. You don’t want to have a phone call to your parents asking to send you money because you splurge all of it into unnecessary stuff. What you can do is break down all your daily expenses from your accommodation down to the foods you eat. It’s always ideal to save some emergency cash as well just in case something goes wrong unexpectedly, which goes beyond the way you planned. Better yet, download some financial tracking apps to help guide yourself in spending your money wisely while traveling.

  3. Take Advantage of Insurance Policies
  4. Insurance policies are the most overlooked thing when it comes to traveling. Some people think that it’s completely unnecessary and you’re just wasting money on it that’s why they don’t opt for it. What some didn’t know is that an insurance policy as a lifesaver, especially when something wrong happens to you outside your home country. If you get hurt, costly bills can pile up. But if you have an insurance policy, all these expenses are covered depending on the type of insurance you have opted for. Not only your health, but there is also insurance available for your valuable items as well, such as your gadgets.

  5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
  6. When it comes to solo travel, you will never know what lies ahead at the other side of the picture. That’s why traveling is an effective way to test yourself to make you step outside your comfort zone. New experiences await, and you should learn how to conquer them so that you’ll develop your ability to cope up with such situations. Try something that you’ve never done before; be it bungee jumping, or eating exotic food, or socializing with the locals. Leaving your comfort zone is all part of the journey that makes your gap year travel as exciting as it can be.

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