Have a Productive Summer with These Tips and Tricks

Have a Productive Summer with These Tips and Tricks

The possibilities are limited for college students when it comes to summer. Of course, you can have summer classes, or find a part-time job, and that is pretty much it. Although they are not bad options to begin with, but it became tedious to do the same thing over and over again during this time of the year.

That’s why it’s time to do something that goes beyond the conventional. So what are some “other” things that college students can do during the summer? Here’s a list of them down below.

  1. Learn a New Skill
  2. Your education alone doesn’t look good on paper. Aside from academics, it’s also crucial that you have some skills, whether it’s related to your course, or something new that is way beyond your field.
  3. What you can do is to learn a new skill that goes beyond the limits of what you can do. This can also act as a safety net if your primary one doesn’t work out. Having a lot of skills opens a lot of door for opportunities that are waiting to be discovered.

  4. Work Your Way
  5. Money is a major issue for students, especially during summer. And there’s nothing you can do but to find a job for the meantime while waiting for classes to resume. It’s ideal to find one that’s related to your field to make thing easier.
  6. However, if you want to explore, then find a job that’s vastly different from your field. This is also a way for you to learn a new skill as well that can be useful for the future.

  7. Join Charity Services
  8. Doing charity work is also one way to enjoy your summer. By joining one, you can add this to your resume and brag about it, increases your chance of getting hired. It will also make you feel good about it knowing you helped the people around you.

  9. Travel
  10. If you have wads of cash with you, then there’s nothing better than spending that on traveling. Traveling lets you meet new people, learn new culture, and also explore new experiences that change your perspective on how you see the world and the things around you.
  11. If money is not an option, then you can have backpacking trips in your region. Go to the web, search for nearby trails that you can hike on with your friends and go camping in there. It’s a great way to get a piece of nature once in a while.

  12. Volunteering Abroad
  13. This one is like a combination of tips number three and four. By volunteering abroad, you’re helping other people and at the same time, traveling and exploring new culture and experiences. This is also a great addition to your resume, knowing that you have an experience what it feels like to work and help outside your country. It’s a win-win situation; you work and get paid while traveling and gaining new experiences at the same time.

  14. Create a Plan for Your Future
  15. Look and think ahead of your future. Figure out and jot down what skills or interest do you want to improve or explore further. It’s crucial that you think “realistic” goals that you can achieve in no time, not something nearly impossible such as becoming a billionaire in a few months in time. Be creative in your goals and see if this can hone your skills that you can use in the near future.

  16. Discover Yourself
  17. You’re maybe in the point of life where you haven’t discovered your special skill, talent, and your art just yet. Summer is the perfect time just for that! Dare to go further by trying something new that you don’t even have an interest on. You’ll never know, you can use this newly-gained skill in another field that you never expected to be a part on.

  18. Open Your Own Business
  19. Not necessarily a “huge” business, such as opening a company. If you had the skills, you could start opening up small businesses such as selling hotcakes, selling sketch portraits, editing videos, or photo editing using photoshop. These small business can act as your part-time job in the summer for the meantime.

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