Social Media Tips: College Hashtags Every Student Should Know

Social Media Tips: College Hashtags Every Student Should Know

Social media is part of a student’s life. It’s a gateway of interacting with one another, be it your friends, family, or your favorite celebrities. There are plenty of social media platforms around, the most common one being Facebook. But today, we are going to talk about Instagram and their use of hashtags.

Hashtag is a feature that is unique to Instagram, which is then copied by others once it gained popularity. For college students, these hashtags can be useful for their student life. With plenty of hashtags on Instagram, here are the best hashtags every student should follow.

  1. #CollegeHumor
  2. Being flooded with myriads of school work can be overwhelming. College students are also humans, and taking a break is a must. With #CollegeHumor, you can find plenty of college “memes” (or funny pictures where we use to call it back then) on Instagram. It’s a great way to relax and ease your mind while taking a short break from that multi-page math problems.

  3. #Notestagram
  4. We all hate a professor that talks too fast and erases everything on the board without notice. That is a nightmare every student had faced, were taking notes seems impossible anymore unless you’re a fast writer or something. With #Notestagram, you will find plenty of users on Instagram that posts their organized and legible notes. What’s best is that they can also teach you some tips and tricks on how to jot down notes efficiently, making it a life-saver for your note-taking problems.

  5. #DormSweetDorm
  6. This hashtag is a pool of dorm room photos that can give you ideas on how to organize your dorm room to make it look organized and clean at the same time. Students are creative, not only in their skills and talents but also in room-tending as well. Thus, #DormSweetDorm was born.

  7. #StudyAbroadAdventures
  8. This one is for those students that are planning to study abroad. The number of students studying abroad has dramatically increased as the years go by. This is because there are a plethora of opportunities abroad compared to what they have in their home country. So if you’re one of them, then using this hashtag gives you an idea of how it feels like to study abroad.

  9. #StudentLoans
  10. Financial problem is part of a college student’s life. By following the #StudentLoans on Instagram, you will find students giving you tips and techniques on how to pay your debts on time, as well as success stories how they cleared their liabilities. Not to mention, memes on student loans as well.

  11. #CollegeNutritionist
  12. Rachel Paul, a doctorate in behavioral nutrition, has an Instagram account with an official #CollegeNutritionist that you can use. Following this hashtag takes you to her account where she talks about food hacks, nutrition tips, as well as meal prep tips for college students. This is the perfect hashtag for college students that wants to maintain their nutrition levels even at a stressful environment

  13. #Unilife
  14. This hashtag is used by many to show what their life has been in college. It’s a mixed bag where you can see a wide variety of college-related content such as college humor, bits of advice, tips on how to survive college, relationship advice, and a whole lot more.

  15. #FinalsWeekGotMeLike
  16. This one is best viewed after your final exams. Following this hashtag takes you to thousands of memes on how their finals went, and most of them are not good. You see, humor still gets in the way even after a stressful situation. There’s nothing like a good laugh after submitting that empty test booklet of your math exams.

  17. #Studygram
  18. Having a hard time studying for that lengthy exam tomorrow? #Studygram got you covered. By following this hashtag, you will be taken to plenty of study tips & tricks that are made by your fellow students to help you out while burning that midnight oil.

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