Tips to Survive College the Vegetarian Way

Tips to Survive College the Vegetarian Way

One of the challenges of being a vegetarian is finding the right food choices to eat. How much more if you’re a college vegetarian, where you have to up the amp to ease your hunger from opting those mouth-watering dishes in the cafeteria.

You can’t deny that we sometimes choose hamburgers over salads. And this is a pretty normal thing for everyone even if you’re a vegetarian. Of course, self-discipline is a must. But there are times where we go over the hill instead of limiting ourselves. If you ever feel this kind of dilemma, then this article is for you. College vegetarians? Get your notes ready!

  • Create a Meal Plan
  • Meal plans go great if you’re living in a dorm with your very own refrigerator. This will let you prepare your favorite vegetarian dishes instead of battling up in the cafeteria jungle. Unleash your inner Van Gogh and be creative on the type of vegetarian food you want to prepare. Do some research, ask fellow vegetarians in your college for guidance, there’s nothing better than doing your own meal and eat at your heart’s content.

  • Balance, Like All Things Should Be
  • College is hard. Whether it’s maintaining grades, or joining school events, everything takes time and preparation. This also applies to your vegetarian regimen as well. What you need to do is just keep things simple. Don’t overcomplicate things that can put pressure on you. Most of all, always keep yourself prepared. Fancy eating protein bars during class? Then bring some. And also, when it comes to making your own vegetarian meals, make sure that you have the proper equipment to begin with.

  • Shop at Local Grocery Stores
  • You’ll be lucky if your college is located near a local grocery mart. The advantage of shopping into such is the affordability, compared in commercial grocery centers where prices are sky-rocketing one into another. And also, when you buy at local grocery centers, it’s like helping the local economy. The more you shop, the more you’re helping their business grow. What’s also best is that vegetables and fruits you buy at local grocery centers are more organic. This is because it doesn’t undergo a chemical-inducing process, unlike conventional grocery centers.

  • Inspire from The Web
  • If you’re a newbie at cooking vegetarian dishes, then look no further than the internet. If you have a cookbook with you, then you’re good to go. If you haven’t, then Google is your best friend. With just a quick search, you will be greeted with hundreds and thousands of online cookbooks, guide, tips, and how-tos about vegetarian cooking.

  • Midnight Snacks Galore
  • Craving for late night snacks is a common thing for college students. However, what you’ll find during this time of day are only fast-food chains that offer calorie-inducing meals. So before you go outside and become the midnight owl that you are, it’s always ideal for searching the web for alternatives. There are some fast food chains out there that offer vegetarian selections such as Taco Bell, White Castle, Popeyes, McDonald’s, and more.

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