What to Bring to a Music Festival

What to Bring to a Music Festival

In this Article I’ll try to offer you a standard run down of exactly what you should take and just what maybe you must prevent. I’ll after that go on to discuss some things in more information, and will certainly offer some suggestions based on personal experiences of going to Music Festivals for the previous 5 years. Festivals are much different than your traditional recording studios in ri that you may be used to.

Outdoor tents:

This is obviously fairly an evident vital to take when camping – especially at a Songs Festival! What you must do is confirm the amount of people are going to be in one outdoor tents, then take both personal room as well as storage room right into factor to consider. Commonly 3 people fit so we generally take 3 single/small tents then a 4th to put our storage in. This is a great method as it economicals as well as light. One more is to take a massive five-man tent, enabling space for all 3 of you plus 2 even more, which you can use for garments or food and beverage.

Sleeping Bags:

Resting bags are once again quite a noticeable thing to take with you. There are nonetheless a number of various types of sleeping bags out there. If your Music Event remains in the Summertime like many are, you’ll need to take a really thin lightweight bag so you don’t prepare during the night as well as in the mornings.

A Cool Box:

Trendy Boxes are really useful to take with you on any kind of outdoor camping journey. You’ll locate that at a Songs Event nonetheless you’ll be investing the majority of your day in the arena as well as a result because of this, you’ll probably be acquiring lots of food from Vendors and Stalls. Just take a Great Box if you’re intending on cooking any type of food. (Some cool boxes are retractable).


Every person makes this blunder. It prevails for individuals to constantly intend to look their best as well as to flaunt exactly what clothes they have actually obtained whilst at an Event. Please do not take anything costly though – it will certainly obtain sloppy, it will obtain destroyed and in some rare instances, it will certainly get swiped.

You ought to just take clothes you’re happy to obtain unclean as well as potentially messed up. See to it you take a jumper in case it rains or gets cold. The majority of the moment though, you’ll require light clothes as it can obtain unbelievably hot!

Thick Socks/Wellies:

Festivals tend to obtain incredibly sloppy. There are countless people all strolling across the exact same paths as well as this develops a horrible muddy slush. I recommend you to take some wellies and also see to it you wear thick socks with them so you do not cause blisters on your feet or ankle joints. Thick socks could be football socks or rugby socks.

A bag for dirty clothes:

There is absolutely nothing even worse than rummaging via your camping tent looking for a clean shirt or tidy undergarments. Maintain dirty clothes in a separate bag so you don’t obtain clean/dirty blended (attempt a lightweight cotton stuff bag). This will certainly additionally maintain your tidy garments fresh!

Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Deodorant/ Sun block:

Just as if you were going anywhere, bringing shower room materials are essential. Do not forget to evacuate your toothbrush and also toothpaste. Sun lotion is also vital to keep you risk-free from sunstroke and sun burn.

Where do I pitch my outdoor tents?

This inquiry gets asked fairly a great deal as well as it’s a tough one to answer. All Songs Festivals are different so it’s impossible to recommend a great location unless you understand it completely. Just what I can inform you nonetheless is exactly what you should prevent as well as just what you ought to keep an eye out for. To start with, you’re going to want to pitch near a commode. Do not pitch as well close to one however, due to the fact that the odor will come to be unbearable. Ideally, avoid pitching ideal next to a course or sidewalk. People will fall under your camping tent and also throws things beside it. And also that rainfall will collect below as well as no question flooding your outdoor tents. This is something you most definitely do not wish to take place.

If you’re searching for a quiet area to be able to kick back after seeing all the bands, you’re mosting likely to intend to pitch up as far away from the arena(s) as you could obtain. This implies you’ll have a lot even more to stroll, however you will certainly remain in a great peaceful location which no-one tends to travel to. This is often the situation for families with little ones.

Do I need Sunlight Lotion?

Great deals of individuals don’t bother with Sunlight Cream since it takes some time as well as initiative. I have actually seen males particularly not using it since they think it’s ‘girly’! Please see to it you cover yourself in Sunlight Lotion. You’ll be investing the majority of your day walking around in the heat as well as no doubt putting on little-to-no clothing because it’s so warm. The last point you intend to do at a Celebration is make on your own unbelievably awkward by shedding yourself, or worse, fainting from the heat and creating Sunlight Stroke.

Should I take my smart phone?

If you can, take an old cellphone. I generally take my old Nokia 3310 when mosting likely to an Event as I’m just mosting likely to be utilizing it to ring or message good friends when I obtain lost. You’ll discover that these phones also have a far better battery life as well as consequently won’t die on you. There are typically charging points, but these are fairly expensive to use.

Have an open mind!

Not every little thing will certainly go to inning accordance with plan. You will certainly fail to remember something. Fortunately is that you go to a Songs Celebration, you’re bordered by thousands and also thousands of individuals who just intend to having fun and who will be more than delighted to assist you whatsoever they can. Obtain separated from your team? Not actually a massive bargain in any way. All you need to do is one basic point: speak with people. Some of the most intriguing individuals any one of us have actually ever satisfied were those come across at songs festivals. These will certainly be individuals who are entirely different from you in virtually every way besides that you are both there to enjoy. That a person usual bond is all you need when you’re at a Songs Festival. Bear in mind, enjoyable with others is better compared to enjoyable alone.

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