Working Out for Free: Is it Possible?

Working Out for Free: Is it Possible?

We all want to live healthily. And to achieve this, we have to eat right, and also, do plenty of exercises and workouts. However, gym prices are costly, which is enough already to discourage you from letting go of that hot bod you’ve been aiming for. But wait, just because you don’t have the cash doesn’t mean you have to be negative all about it. There are plenty of ways where you can do workouts for free while spending a dime for your other expenses. So what are they? Continue reading down below to find out.

  1. Opt for Free Trials
  2. Google is your friend, with just one search away; you will be greeted with hundreds of sites where you can search for free gym trails around your neighborhood. If you don’t feel like using the internet because of “reasons,” you can head outside and scout for introductory gym classes where they let you work out for free.
  3. Populous areas probably have lots of gyms lying around the vicinity where they offer cheap gym memberships that won’t put a dent on your wallet. One last thing, before you avail for those free trials, always check the information first if it is actually a “free” trial. There are others out there that offer such, and then you will be suddenly surprised they start charging you for a monthly subscription fee after the free trial is done.

  4. Do Exercises Outside Your Home
  5. Since most of these free trials won’t last forever. Why not do exercises outside your home? Or even around your neighborhood. Activities such as walking or jogging around the vicinity is a type of free exercise. Want to up the ante? Then do hiking/running around the park or at the beach if you’re near one.
  6. Want to go extreme? If the area you’re living has plenty of hills around, then drive into that place and go on a nature expedition where you can sprint up and down the hill. Go hardcore by carrying a massive rock with you as you’re doing this.

  7. Home Exercises
  8. If you’re living in the heart of the city where the sight of hills or trails is nowhere to be found, then you can do exercises at the heart of your own home. Fancy purchasing exercise equipment? Then opt for one that suits your budget. Start by buying yoga mats and a few dumbbells for weights.
  9. Want to save even more? Use large books or bottles filled with rocks as weights if you don’t want to spend on dumbbells. You can also use towels as yoga mats as well if you really don’t want to spend a dime on such equipment.

  10. YouTube is Your Best Friend
  11. Take advantage of the internet, especially YouTube. There are myriads of fitness vloggers out there that posts a wide variety of exercise videos on YouTube that you can follow. From basic thing such as yoga down to extreme exercises, there are plenty of choices for everyone that is just one click away.

  12. Keep it Simple but Fun
  13. Be honest; there are times where you’re about to click that Yoga video on YouTube and then suddenly, you will be distracted at that cute cat compilation at the suggestions tab. You see, temptations are everywhere, and exercising is not an exception. What you can do is to make things simple, balanced, and fun at the same time.
  14. Free trials aren’t forever, great workout videos on YouTube are rare to find, especially when you’re presented with a vast collection of videos from different Yotubers. Just like in a relationship, you need to keep things interesting to keep yourself motivated to pump that iron. Start by creating a weekly workout plan. Each week, try incorporating different types of workouts to make things less dull. Don’t limit yourself on YouTube videos. The internet offers a wide variety of exercises in a simple Google search. Your goal is to make things interesting to motivate yourself to push forward. Trust me; your body will thank you later.

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